About us

We at Cavlary SCS have a great passion in what we do. The slogan ”life is a test and testing is life” is what the founders Sulayman Nduka and Jibraan Razzaq live by.

We have gone through the experience of training to become tests analysts ourselves to working on site at multiple companies over the years in various roles including:
● Test Analyst
● Mobile test analyst
● Test lead
● Defect management
● Automation testing
● System Integration testing
● User acceptance testing
● Live confidence testing

We have a goal to get others as enthusiastic about testing as we are and wish to spread the knowledge we have gained.

In 2017 Cavalry SCS was born, with the aim of training future testers to go out into working world with the qualifications they need to succeed in the industry.

What sets us apart?
● Live lessons as opposed to pre-recorded sessions
● Tutors with industry experience
● Flexible timetables so you can study when it suits you
● Small class sizes
● Online learning materials