Why Choose Cavalry SCS

Flexibility: Our courses are hosted online. We offer courses after work, in the evening and on the weekends with a duration between 3-6 weeks. You are able to join the course which fits your lifestyle. There is no need to travel after work to a classroom and having long journeys or to watch a video, where you have no teachers to answer your questions. As long as you have an internet connection, you will be able to attend our Live online courses.

Community: We have a forum with access to our material and you will get to know other students. You will be able to talk to people and ask questions. Teachers, students and past students will be there to help and provide answers.

Structure: There is a maximum capacity of 14 students per course so that the tutors can provide enough support for the entire class. We also provide a exam preparation Q&A lesson included in every course to go over any sections of the course which may require further explanation.